Open Source Tools in Education – Education Has Its Future in Open Source

People love learning. People do not like paying tons of money on courses and top tutors. Yes, but how will the tutors live? Well, as good as they already did, but maybe not as excessively.

All jokes aside, the internet changed the way people approach learning. With so much information at the palm of your hand, you can learn almost anything and become an expert in any field. Yes, then why isn’t everyone an expert? Because not everyone wants to learn or has access to the right materials, even though they do have access to the internet. Getting through the clutter takes time and effort.

In order to save you both time and effort, here are the top open source tools, or rather, sites, which you can use to access information and improve.

Khan Academy

Free education is a lovely thing. Khan Academy is dedicated to bringing their students the courses and education they need, for free. The courses are not really for advanced studies, but as introductory courses, you couldn’t ask for more.

That being said, it does cover lots of areas and topics and being open source, is already one of the winners.

Open Culture Online Courses

This site is a gold mine if you want to find courses from the great universities worldwide. You can get access to data, lectures, audio files, videos even, of some of the best lectures on all topics. This is what a site dedicated to open source and teaching should look like. Their database contains around 10,000 different courses, lessons, books, audiobooks, and more. You will most likely find something you want to learn on this site, and learn it you would, from some of the best teachers from all over the world.


Their goal is to bring education to the next level, by removing the barriers of cost, access and location. Those are their words and they stay true to them. They are partnered with various huge universities like Harward, Berkeley, MIT, and many more.

The topics covered are, as you could expect from a site which has over 120 university partners, almost all that you could imagine. Taught by top tutors and given that they are on an open source site, you also get them for free, these lessons are that much more valuable, as is their approach to education.


While not completely free, or open source, for that matter, they do cover so many things that it would be ridiculous not to mention them. They offer education in all fields, certificates and courses, specializations and more. They are partnered with over 190 universities from all over the world, and with companies such as Google and IBM, to bring you the best tutors available.

The open source movement is claiming more and more people and ideas. That is a great thing because everyone should join in and make the world a connected place with shared ideas and a focus on improvement through collaboration.