The Best Open-Source Programs of All Time

If you are at least somewhat interested in technology, which I assume you are, as you are on this blog, you are certainly familiar with some editing software. What comes to mind is Final Cut Pro, if you’re a Mac user or Adobe Premiere for PC users. But, unfortunately, not all of us can afford yearly or even monthly memberships, and that is where open-source programs come in handy. If you have visited my blog, you know I love talking about open-source programs because they are very effective and not costly at all. Much like with leo vegas casino bonus codes, we get to enjoy the thing we love, but with a bonus. Today, I will present you with some of the best open-source programs of all time, in my opinion.

Mozilla firefox        

A free web browser, developed by the California Mozilla Corporation is one of the best web browsers I have ever used.

It uses less RAM without sacrificing speed, and it’s safer than Google Chrome, which we know harvests our data, whether we like it or not. I highly recommend using their Facebook Container extension, as it doesn’t allow Facebook to directly see what you’re browsing.


Gimp is a raster graphics editor used for retouching photos, drawing, and editing. It is very similar to Photoshop, so if you were thinking of buying Photoshop, I advise you to try out Gimp first for some basics. There are many tutorials you can follow online to master the art of retouching in this software, and the results are very good.

VLC media player

VLC is free media software that can be used on multiple platforms (MAC, PC).

It can be used for streaming and it has a plethora of available file formats so you don’t have to think or pay for additional codecs that sometimes you would need for other audio and video players.

What’s great about it is that you can add subtitles from another source and you can optimize all media you choose to play on it.

Apache Openoffice

Apache OpenOffice is a software office suite that is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. As we all know, the new Microsoft Office 365 requires a monthly subscription type payment, which can be a lot for some people, especially young, aspiring students dependent on the Microsoft Suite. The software contains a word processor (the alternative to Word), a spreadsheet (alternative to Excel), a presentation application (the alternative to PowerPoint), a drawing application, a formula editor, and even a database application (the alternative to Microsoft Access). All in all, it is a fairly great software that you should give a go!


With the new millennium, came a new free digital audio editor and recording software – Audacity. It still remains one of the most downloaded free audio software of all time, and for a good reason.

It’s easy to use, and it has a lot of options for audio manipulation and retouching. It’s amateur-friendly, as you don’t need to have much previous knowledge before using it. And don’t worry –  even if you’re struggling, there are so many tutorials online you can follow online, that you’ll fix the problems you’re having!

I categorized these programs by their function so that you can choose from many editors and choose what works for you. Hopefully, you will find this article useful.