Open-source Predictions for 2022

In all industries, open-source software is prevalent, and there are more companies using it and developing it than ever before. In addition to accelerating digitalization, where one can find everything online from school lessons, music streaming, to bet365 Bonus Code and sports streaming services, the pandemic has also led companies to incorporate software into their websites and applications. There is no doubt that open source software is in every aspect of software development, and we can predict that demand will increase even further in 2022.

Here are the top open-source predictions for 2022:

Open Source Skills Are in High Demand

Because of the popularity of open-source options and the wide array of stacks used by software and operations, there will be a demand for full-stack developers to continue to grow.  Cloud computing experience and DevOps tooling skills will continue to be in high demand, as well as top open sources technologies like Kubernetes, Python, and PyTorch. Experienced professionals will have plenty of opportunities for career switches, while the poaching of open source experts will increase, as will expected compensation.

Greater Awareness of Open Source Security

It will become more apparent to CEOs and IT executives how much open source is used in their organizations, and this revelation will have a positive impact on security budgets. CEOs and IT executives will be more aware of how much open source is used in their companies, which will impact security budgets positively. As open-source libraries have become more prevalent, there will be more tools available to scan for vulnerabilities in open-source software as awareness of these libraries increases. An open-source security awareness program will enable organizations to stay up to date on open source software and patches, improving their overall security posture. With the growth of open source tools, we will see an improvement in prevention in 2022, like digital signing services that prevent supply chain attacks, due to awareness and tooling.

AI Ethics Are Ripe for Awareness and Implementation

Open-source software for AI, ML, DL, and data technology is being adopted in mass numbers. The adoption of open source AI tooling will accelerate in 2022, including integration with containers in growing projects such as Kubeflow. The ultimate goal of ML/DL algorithms is to keep them interpretable, explainable, and fair. AI Fairness 360, Fairlearn, and Aequitas contribute to the fight against bias in AI. Researchers can examine models more thoroughly using tools like AI Explainability 360 and Iml, and security tools like Adversarial Robustness 360 protect their models from such threats as evasion, poisoning, extraction, and inference.

Inclusion and Diversity Advancements

Software developed using open source principles has always been at the forefront of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It has been part of the fabric of open source for over thirty years to be open with freedom. As a result of our changing society, open-source communities and foundations have taken up the challenge of reflecting social changes within their projects. In 2022, we’ll see a large number of diversity and inclusion initiatives progress and have tangible results.