Best Content Management Software Tools

CMS or Content Management System or Software, depending on who you ask. We all know what a Coral welcome bonus is, but what is a CMS? Good thing that you asked, because it is one of the most necessary pieces of software when creating a site. If you wanted to do all the HTML, CSS and Javascript coding on your own, then you’re good to go. If you wanted a functional backend and you also know how to code in the many languages which can do it, then you’re also good to go. 

If not, then you will need a CMS, which is used to manage content on a web page, simply put. Here are the best CMSs which you can download and use today.


Templates, templates and even more templates, that is what you get with Wix. They offer a free plan as well as a paid option, depending on your needs. The paid themes are always better, or have more features, interactive and otherwise. This CMS is great for bloggers and people who want a simple and functional site, but without much additional customization or third party stuff. Wix doesn’t mesh well with third party content.


Squarespace is another name which comes up when talking about a CMS. They are similar to Wix, in that they have tons of themes that you can choose from. But, the similarities end there, because Squarespace offers you tons of customization options, everything on the page, and more. They also have a responsible and quick support staff, who rush to solve your issues and try to make the site and CMS work for you. It is also susceptible to mods, so you can add third party stuff without so much as a hitch.


No CMS list is complete without WordPress, the mother of all blogging sites. WordPress is a very comprehensive CMS that was built with the intention of users adding their own extensions. They offer free themes, but you can also purchase great WordPress themes from their store.

They allow you to add a lot of additional tools and widgets, which can help you in any way you might think, from tracking traffic to SEO. WordPress is also very simple to install and use, and you will most likely be done in minutes. You should, however, find some hosting company which is familiar with WordPress, but the odds are that most of them are, it being so popular.

You cannot build a site, unless you want to waste lots of time and money, without a CMS. WordPress, Wix and Squarespace are the best CMSs which you can use as of now. There are some more, but these three should have every business covered, at least in the development period.