Top 4 Free & Open Source Video Editing Software

When we have to pay for things, we might not like it at first, but we must pay at some point. Whether a repair person to repair what was broken or if we need new parts, technology, or even software. Software can be a pain when it is paid for, but that is quickly forgotten when it starts earning us money.

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On the other end, a relatively poor videographer has no money to purchase expensive Adobe products. What is the alternative? Free and open-source video editing software. Here is the best of it.

DaVinci Resolve – Free Version

DaVinci Resolve came out of nowhere and became one of the best video editing programs one could use as a direct competitor to Adobe PremierePro, particularly due to its availability on multiple systems, and the fact that it is far less prone to crashing. 

Blackmagic Design offers two versions of DaVinci Resolve, a free one which users can use as much as they can, but it is limited in features. Still, it is a very powerful tool that can be used to edit and create amazing videos. The Studio version of the software has a price tag, but the standard Resolve version is free.

Openshot – Open Source Video Editor

Some editors come for free, but with features that you have to pay to unlock. Not so with Openshot, an open-source video editor which is used by many editors at the start of their journeys. No money, no problem. Openshot allows you to create and edit videos pretty easily, though it does lack some of the more powerful features that come with software like PremierePro and Resolve.

Still, an open-source application is always welcome and should be installed on every videographer’s device, as a standard application.

Blender – Another Open Source Masterpiece

Blender is an open-source project, an immensely powerful program used by so many people all over the world, mostly for animation, 3D modeling, and everything having to do with 3D creation.

But… It is also a tool used for 2D animations and more importantly, video editing. Blender is a very large project and it is backed by AMD, Nvidia, Facebook, NWS, Unity, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Ubuntu, and thousands of companies and users all over the world. It is an amazing project, so one should try it out when they have the time.

Lightworks – Another Freemium

Lightworks is a known quantity and great software. It is free to use and download but to unlock all of the features, you have to go through a price tag, which is understandable for software one has to pay for. It is a good piece of software, particularly the paid version. The free version is a good starting point for beginner editors.

These are some of the best free and open-source editors you can download right now. Look them up, try them, maybe you click with some of them, which is great because you do not have to pay for them.