The Best Casino Software Companies

The internet has slowly but surely become one of the most important inventions of our time. Instant connectivity is amazing and allows people to call for help, get transport, food, drinks, and get access to information from all over the world.

It also allowed gambling companies like casinos and sportsbooks to go online. This is especially the case in Poland, for example, where people bet online a lot and use sports sites such as to find more info about their favorite games and bet later. Some would argue that this is a bad thing, while some would argue otherwise. Online casinos are particularly interesting because they need to have all the games which regular casinos have, but online. It’s like an entire Casino Planet you can visit anytime you like! Table games, slot machines and a bit of something extra is expected of every casino. Casinos do not develop these games and software on their own, other companies do that for them. Here are the best casino software developers out there.


Net Entertainment has its products on most casino sites, especially if you like slot machines. To this day, they are the biggest slot machine developer out there, beating everyone by a mile. Their games are popular and are sold by the thousands. Some of their more popular titles are Gonzo’s Quest and Mega Fortune, the latter being responsible for one of the largest jackpots in the history of online slot machines.

Their slot machines are not linear, but rather progressive and interesting and to top it all off, some are available in 3D. But that is not all, because NetEnt is moving forward, like all things should, and are already developing VR slot machines, with some already done and ready to be integrated.

Evolution Gaming

Companies like to diversify their business, but Evolution Gaming has only one thing in its focus and that is live casino. What is meant by that, live casino games, interactive or otherwise, like roulette, or table card games. Their software is top of the line, as you should come to expect from a company which deals with only a specific part of online casino software. Their card and roulette games are well-known and are often the go to products for live casino games.


This is another huge name in the world of online gambling. Usually, you hear NetEnt and Microgaming one by the other. This is because they both produce high quality software. Microgaming is one of the oldest casino software developers out there, and they have the most experience and the most video games out of any of them. Their portfolio is really close to 1000 games.

These 3 software developers are often the primary ones online casinos contact when in need of great and reliable software, which is also entertaining and rewarding, for both the players and the casino. There are no better alternatives to these 3, at this moment.